Green tomato pickles

Green Tomato Pickles recipe

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1-1/2 pound large white onions, peeled and sliced
1 peck stark green tomatoes, sliced
2 pounds sugar
2 boxes ground ginger
2 boxes celery seed
6 red hot peppers, finely chopped
3 quarts vinegar
8 small boxes of ground mustard
1 box cinnamon
1 box turmeric
1 heaping tablespoon black pepper

In large bowl, alternate layers of sliced tomatoes and sliced onions, salting each layer of tomatoes with about 1/4 cup of salt. Let set overnight. In the morning, drain juice, squeezing it out of handfuls of tomatoes and onions. Into large preserving kettle put tomatoes and onions and add remaining ingredients. Boil until tender, but not falling to pieces (about 1 hour), stirring often to prevent sticking. Seal in hot jars immediately.

Makes:16 or more pints.

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