Ice box rolls

Ice Box Rolls recipe

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Recipe from “We Make You Kindly Welcome”by Elizabeth C. Kremer

Ms. Kremer was in charge of our dining operation at the beginning of restoration and was responsible for setting the standards of excellence we maintain today. She developed many of her recipes from those handed down from the Shakers of Pleasant Hill. If you would like to purchase this cookbook, call (859) 734-5411, x242.

1 cake yeast
1 egg
1/2 cup sugar
2 cups water, slightly cooler than lukewarm
1 teaspoon salt
7 cups flour
1 cup plus 1 Tablespoon melted shortening


Crumble yeast in crock (or bowl); add water, then egg, slightly beaten. Add sugar, salt and about 1/2 of flour. Then add melted shortening and rest of flour. Place in warm spot (e.g. on back of stove) and let rise about double (approximately 2 hours). Press down, cover, and put in refrigerator overnight. Roll out on floured board and cut with small biscuit cutter. Butter slightly. Fold over. Put in pans (preferably tubular pans) and let rise in warm place until light (puffy). Cook at 450 degrees until light brown (approximately 10 to 15 minutes). Rolls should be worked as little as possible and placed in a warm spot to rise quickly. This recipe may be used for cloverleaf rolls or dinner rolls and baked in a cake pan. Ours are baked in a tubular pan.

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