Triple berry duck sauce

Triple Berry Duck Sauce recipe

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10 pounds frozen blueberries
5 pounds frozen blackberries
5 pounds frozen raspberries
Red wine
6 cups sugar
6 heaping Tablespoons black pepper

Place berries in a stock pot and cover with red wine to top of berries. Add the sugar and black pepper. Simmer till berries are soft (approximately 2 hours). Cool. Put sauce through grinder to remove skins and seeds. To thicken, make a slurry from corn starch and water to desired consistency.

Serve with warm Roasted Duckling or Roast Pork.

Makes: Huge amount of sauce.

As long as the ratio is twice as much blueberries as raspberries and blackberries you should be okay. Adjust sugar and pepper in equal amounts (number or cups to number of tablespoons) also.

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