Melva millers herring salad a yom kippur treat

Melva Millers Herring Salad – A Yom Kippur Treat recipe

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This recipe calls for Jewish/American measurements. This means the amount of veggies and olives you use varies according to how many jars of herring you use and to your taste.

2 large jars Vitapickled herring pieces
green bell peppers
Greek-style olives

Cut everything up into medium bite-sized pieces. Place it all in a large bowl* and mix well. Cover and place in refrigerator for a few days so that all flavors can mingle. Serve with fresh Challah or rye bread.

*Melva used her special herring bowl,which was a large green Pyrexbowl. For reasons unknown to man, this recipe tastes best when made in such a bowl… but any big bowl will suffice.

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