Planter’s punch

Planter’s Punch recipe

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Since Madame Julia’s is named for a legendary free woman of color (and former slave) whose very freedom was a result of her cooking expertise, these recipes are representative of what she might have cooked for her master and his wealthy friends, either at their town house in New Orleans or plantation up river at Pointe Coupee Parish.

“Julia” may have served this punch to the planter friends of her master, Julien Poydras, an important investor in the historic Foubourg St. Marie, now New Orleans Central Business District.

juice of 6 lemons
juice of 6 limes
juice of 6 oranges
24 dashes grenadine
3 cups pineapple juice
6 jiggers rum
6 jiggers bourbon whiskey
6 Tablespoons powdered sugar


Stir together and serve over cracked ice. This may be “cut” half and half with 7Up, ginger ale or club soda.

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