How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Teeth are the hardest substances of the human body that have functions in chewing and speech. Their outer part called enamel is made of calcium phosphate and is responsible for the color of the tooth.

Why Teeth Turn Yellow

With age, the enamel layer thins or wears away and therefore the teeth look more yellow than white. Teeth turn yellow from various other reasons including drinking coffee and wine, smoking cigarettes, medication, some diseases but also because of genetics. For examples, nicotine leaves yellowish stain on the teeth that can be removed with tooth cleaning.

Natural Teeth-Whitening

If you want to avoid commercial teeth whitening products, there are some natural ways to get whiter teeth. Remember that none of these methods will have an instant effect, therefore you should be persistent.

  • Use baking soda for brushing your teeth. Baking soda has natural whitening properties and is also an ingredient of the toothpastes. It does not whiten the enamel, its effect is a result of its ability to remove plaques and stains. Still, be careful with the amount of baking soda you use as it can be abrasive.
  • Like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide is the natural ingredient of many toothpastes and commercial teeth whitening products. However, do not use over-concentrated hydrogen peroxide because it is toxic, can cause gum irritation and tooth sensitivity.
  • In some of the toothpastes you can also find charcoal as an ingredient for teeth whitening. It is believed that charcoal can remove pigments and stains from the teeth, as well as bacteria and toxins from the mouth. Charcoal should not be used too aggressively as it is abrasive.
  • Activated charcoal can absorb the stains of your teeth and will therefore lead to a whiter look of the teeth.

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  • Brush your teeth regularly i.e. twice a day for at least 2 minutes. This will remove bacteria that can form plaques which will result in turning your teeth yellow. Once they harden bacterial dental plaques are difficult to remove, and they also stack on top of each other. Regular oral hygiene will prevent this from happening.
  • Floss frequently to remove food residues from between your teeth. This will stop the buildup of food and bacteria between the teeth. Best time to floss is right after a meal.

How To Prevent Teeth Discoloration

In addition to red wine, caffeine and tobacco, foods like berries can also contribute for the teeth to turn yellowish. Acidic fruits like lemons and oranges can also cause yellowing of the teeth over time because they contain acids that are abrasive to the enamel.

Consume calcium-rich foods such as milk and cheese to protect enamel from erosion.

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Eating fruits and vegetables can also contribute to keeping your teeth white. You should regularly consume apples, raw cauliflower and broccoli, nuts and seeds as they stimulate the production of saliva which breaks down yellow-colored plaque. Enzymes like papain from papaya and bromelain from pineapple for example can help whitening the teeth. Moreover, strawberries contain malic acid that also helps remove the yellowish color off the teeth.

Drink a lot of water that will clean your mouth, remove acid from the ingested food and get rid of the bacteria. At last, you should visit the dentist’s office regularly and that way make sure there are no issues with your teeth.

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