Beach plum jelly

Beach Plum Jelly recipe

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1 cup green Beach Plums — (See Note)
4 cups red Beach Plums — (See Note)

Wash plums, remove stems, and put fruit in an enamel pot. Cover with water, bring to a boil, drain, and discard water. Return plums to the pot, add enough BOILING water to barely cover, and cook until the fruit is soft, mashing them once or twice with a wooden spoon. Turn the fruit and juice into a jelly bag made of several thicknesses of cheesecloth, suspended over a large bowl. Allow it to drain until no more juice drips though (overnight). DO NOT SQUEEZE bag or jelly will be clouded. For each cup of juice, add 1 cup of sugar. Boil on medium-high heat until the juice sheets– that is, it will not run from a spoon but will drip in two drops that run together and fall from the spoon in a sheet. Stop cooking immediately. Skim jelly. Pour into sterile jelly jars. Seal with two layers of melted paraffin and the lids. Store in a cool dark place.

Note: BEACH PLUMS grow close to the shore in thick bushes, 4 to 5 feet high. The plum, as it ripens, changes from green to pink to red and deep purple. The less ripe plums contain more pectin than the ripe, so include both in a proportion of approximately 1 cup green to 4 cups red. Beach plum jelly has a pleasing tartness.

Serving Ideas: Beach plum jelly can be served with meat and breakfast.

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